Which recipes would you like me to put on my blog?

I’ve seen that vegetarian recipes are a hit, so are deserts. And for the summer I’ll get a new category:drinks (with or without alcohol). Fish recipes are interesting now that the BBQ season is in full bloom, so some meat recipes would appear here and there. So feel free to comment, come with ideas.

Is it a special cuisine you’re interested, do you need tips on restaurants.. or even hotels… I could add that to a new page -lifestyle… an for travels.. there will be another page.
So, very soon this blog will go pro… Hope that my friends will help me… Thank you for your advice. I appreciate all your comments…
New recipe tomorrow!


My world…

Spring is here and I love going to the market on Saturdays and buy fresh fruit and veggies. I have now a lot of recipes to try before I’ll publish them here, using spinach, salads and other spring greens. I plan on having more vegetarian recipes since I’ve seen from my stats that people like those recipes. But Most of the recipes can be served as a side dish to some grilled chicken or meat. BBQ season is here, so preparing vegetables is easy and takes little time. So you can spend a lot of time outside and enjoy the long evenings and soon the nice weather everywhere.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you’ll be informed as soon as I post a new recipe and take time to poke around the recipes that I’ve already posted. I already have plans for some inspiring Easter treats… and some more delicious fruity deserts.

Today’s dinner is my fish with veggies in white sauce.

Why a food blog?



Recently I was asked why I chose to write a food blog. I could have chosen several topics, but my choice was quite simple. I love cooking and I wanted to do something that I shared with my mum, our passion for cooking, not by using a recipe book, but by “inventing” our own recipes. I remember that I was asked once when I was I child: “How come your mum is such a good cook?”. My answer was simple: “She opens al the cupboards and puts everything into the pot, and out comes the delicious food”. My grandfather was also a passionate cook, I remember even now, how he explained to his 5 year old granddaughter how to make “plăchie” – a fish dish that I will share with you later.

I do have a wall of cooking books, but I use those for inspiration, to create my own dishes.

I will try to make savoury dishes that can be adapted for a vegetarian living, and that those can, by a simple change of ingredients, be made into simple meat or chicken dishes. I will add a few fish recipes that I love and deserts.

I will try to make some new experiences by cooking game (never done that before, but with a hunter in the house I get prime game meat). And I will add some of my favorite dishes as I travelled the world and some of best-loved childhood dishes.

Some days I might just want to write about a favorite ingredient or spices and their benefits.

So, this is a blog dedicated to my mother, to the memory of her spaghetti Bolognese (a recipe that she got for the General Garibaldi while working in Macedonia under the Kosovo crisis) or her spinach with nuts or a mango desert, recipes from her stay in Africa, or how to use some of the spices as we learned about it in Nepal.

I promise that I will get better pictures… and if needed also step by step pictures.

Hope you will enjoy my recipes and try them. If you have any comments, they are more than welcome.

Because one of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating…

It is finally spring!

As winter turns to spring, flowers start blooming and birds chirping it is time to reinvent oneself. So, how will I reinvent myself this year? The question is relevant, since I’m not longer in my 30’s but I am now officially in my 40’s. Reading magazines and books and talking to friends, I realize that in my mind and when I look in the mirror I still see that unsure girl, that got married too early and by my 30th birthday was already divorced. I see no predominant wrinkles, no white hair (it would be impossible since I‘ve been colouring it for years) and definitely not a woman who has already lived about half her life.

If I should follow the fashion and the style, it is time to bloom at the same time to be neutral… so, I do have a valid question: what to do when in doubt? I realize that the best is to mix the old with the new, the colours with the neutrals and be myself. That’s what I’ll be doing this year… It is time to be myself, true to what I believe in and not let myself be dazed by the stars… Simple is beautiful. But sometimes I will fill the need to sparkle and to be different. I am myself and I am no copy, elegance and stylish, a personality.